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The Benefits of an Aerial Photo

Many people may never get to see the view of their property for up in the sky.

Someone who has owned a home for five years may want an aerial photo from before they lived on their property, and another to show what it looks like in the present. It can show them how much work they have accomplished if they did some landscaping, or put up different buildings over the years. They can show other people how they developed the land to look like it is now. It is a way to take pride in the accumulation of land and buildings.

People who own farms like to purchase an aerial photo every few years so they can see changes in their property and the area around it. New roads may come in, or new buildings may be erected. Farmers can also order photographs to see how people farmed at different times. Machinery may be in the pictures. Different sizes of farms may also be shown as someone may build on to a building, or tear down an old one.

People always say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but some pictures can be worth more than that. An aerial photo is an image that people can always keep, and look back on over the years. They are great for telling stories about property, and actually showing the image of what a person's property looked like during that period in time. People also can purchase more land as they save up more money, so the boundaries of a person's property can also change through the years. It does not matter what type of property a person owns, an aerial photo can be enjoyed by anyone.

An aerial view provides an overall picture that is simply not possible from ground level. Use our aerial photography to see the entire scope of a property, or to demonstrate the advantages of its location and show access routes and neighbouring developments. Aerial photographs make perfect legal documents, planning tools, presentation aids, promotional or marketing materials. And, of course, they are a wonderful way to showcase your property.

Aerial photographs are invaluable aids for presentations, web sites, boundary disputes, marketing, planning, site research, development monitoring and mapping amongst many others. Using our own modified helicopter and specialised digital equipment we can supply true vertical and oblique aerial photographs for all commercial and domestic applications.