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About Uphigh photos Aerial Photography

Taking pictures and flying R/C Models are two of my favourite weekend pasttimes. Therefore, it was only fitting that I develop an aerial photography side-business. UpHighPhotos was started in late 2000.

All photography is done with our remote controlled Helicopter.The machine is about 5 feet in length.

The camera section of the machine consists of a Canon 60D digital SLR camera as well as a 5.8gHz wireless downlink system. Remote video monitoring is possible via the use of our video screen that is connected to the receiver portion of the downlink system.

For video work, we use a high definition camera that transmits live to our ground station.

There are many advantages to using this type of system. Several are:
  • Friendly two-man operation
  • Aerial jobs can be done in a smaller area than conventional methods
  • The customer can provide immediate input regarding the scope and angle of the images
  • Cost is much lower than using full-scale aircraft
  • On-site turnaround

We would welcome your enquiry to see if we could help with your next aerial photography project.

Why Us

The key behind UpHighPhotos Aerial photography lies in the technique that we use to capture the aerial media for our customers.

While an airplane may be too far up to take a quality photograph that properly showcases the details of your property, our high quality radio controlled helicopters fly just at the perfect height to take photos and videos that display even the smaller details.

UpHighPhotos Aerial Photography provides its services to customers from a variety of business fields and also adequately customizes its work in order to cater to the specific needs of the client in the best way.

Some of the fields that we specialize in are roof inspections/structure inspections, real estate, insurance inspection, construction sites, architectural projects, news broadcasting and golf courses to name a few.

Be it personal or commercial, at UpHighPhotos, we will provide you with clear pictures and videos taken from the air that will benefit your purpose and you would not have to spend a thousand dollars for hiring a pilot for the job.

We are able to cater to your requirements, for both "Still Photos" and high quality "Digital Video" aerial imagery.