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Structure Inspection

Power Pylon InspectionsIf you need to examine a building quickly and safely. If you want to see the potential view from a Penthouse flat, even though all there is, is a pile of bricks. If you want to add some pizzazz to your Marketing Literature then get some Aerial Photographs.

Hire us and you do not need to worry about the 'Working at Heights' Directive, nor damaging a delicate roof nor the time and cost of scaffolding or a full -size aircraft. We can get directly over a building - something that a mast cannot do and that a Cherry Picker can find difficult, and a blimp can not do if there is too much wind.

We can be in and surveying long before rival Systems have even completed unpacking. Getting different angles is merely a case of flying there (or landing and walking). We have no mast to manoeuvre around. We can fly over any terrain, be it water, manicured lawns or the aforementioned rubble.

Our video down link means that we can see what we are filming and all the images are saved to an on board Memory Card for future examination.