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Real Estate Photography

Have you seen the front of an Estate Agent recently? Row upon row of house frontages. Dull, dull, dull.

If you are looking at selling or you are an agent looking to gain more viewings and sell faster, then get some Aerial Photos taken. Instant impact.

Representing a home or design feature with only one or two shots is challenging. Elevated/Aerial Real Estate Photography allows you to portray the entire story of a home through a powerful aerial image.

We use our HeliCam to obtain photographs of properties with the natural features that surround them. Using lower elevations allows them to capture the front door of a home and the surrounding area that is also behind it.

The property owner is able to view and shots while we are on location, using our live aerial video downlink, you can see exactly what the camera is seeing. When you see the perfect shot you like, snap we take the photo.

Our on-site sessions are approx 30 - 60 minutes long, and you are supplied a CD with the images on at the end of that.

Using aerial photographs to present visually appealing advertising materials that illustrate the exact design, nature and characteristics of the property in question. This helps in increasing the value of the property.

Our helicopter is quiet and does not emit smoke or fuel chemicals, enabling us to operate within rural, residential and commercial areas, without upsetting the surrounding residents