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Golf Course Photography

Aerial golf Course PhotographyGolf Courses are very photogenic with the lie of the land, the bunkers and hazards and the lush Fairways. It's just a shame that you don't get to appreciate it very much from the ground.

Take some aerial photographs and some video and it all changes. Finally you can appreciate the whole course and the design that went into it.

Brochures, the website and your PR material. All can benefit from a set of aerial photographs showing it off at its finest.

Golf Course Aerial PhotographyThe pictures captured from altitude give a 3 dimensional view of the course showing features which can’t be captured from the ground and are superior to the plan photographs looking straight down from above taken from aircraft at altitude. We can capture photographs and video of your signature holes, clubhouse, water features and driving ranges catering to our customers specific needs. The images can be used for a huge range of applications brochures, banners, websites, golf days, score cards, post cards, hole layout signs and hole in one plaques for example.

Golf CourseAerial Pictures of your Golf Course can show off the quality of the greens in a way that ground-based photography simply cannot accomplish. Aerial photography of your Golf Course will keep your clients focused on your promotional material because people find aerial pictures interesting. This provides your Club House with a unique attention gainer that is guaranteed to attract your clients attention, thus may increase future sales…"Priceless"

Our on-site sessions are approx 30 - 60 minutes long, and you are supplied a CD with the images on at the end of that.

Using aerial photographs to present visually appealing advertising materials that illustrate the exact design, nature and characteristics of the property in question